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  • Dr. Felipe Ferrão
    University of Florida\

My name is Felipe Ferrão and I’m a Research Assistant Scientist at the University of Florida. I often tackle problems where novel statistical methods are required, or can learn something new compared with existing approaches. Therefore,much of my research involves understanding the genetic architecture of complex traits, prediction and data analyses. Most of my work has been focused on perennial crops, including blueberry and coffee.

Course Description

This talk aims to be a friendly introduction to introduction analysis in R. This hands-on was primarly created based on a preliminary survey, where most of the registrants showed interested on how to work with data on R for analyses of experiment with focus on experimental design. Therefore, I tryied to keep the mathematics to a minimum and focus instead on the intuition behind the theory. For this class, we also do not assume any prior knowledge of statistics. The idea here is to provide an introduction on this topic showing general directions for data analyses in agriculture.

Class notes and Hands-on

This is an attempt to organize and make available to any student the class notes used during this course. The material is a compilation of texts, examples, and materials from multiple books and papers that we visited to create the classes. We suggest using it as a guide for lessons. Important: these class notes do not replace the fundamental role of the textbooks !! At the end of each topic, there are references. We suggest that you visit the references for a complete understanding.

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1. Hands-on